Benefits of Green Tea

At Barista Au Lait, we love our tea. I mean, we really love our tea. And this week we are shining the spotlight on green tea. It has even be argued that green tea is the healthiest beverage on the entire planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body, including improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other impressive benefits. Read on to find out more about this incredible drink!

Our Green Tea is from the wonderful Chai Walli, who pride themselves in delivering on the best quality teas from around the world. Chai Walli supplies us with incredible jasmine Green Tea which is sourced from an organic tea estate deep in the mountainous Nilgiris region of Southern India. This delicious tea contains an incredible blend of organic green tea and fragrant jasmine flowers. The tea is floral, bright and well rounded. Alternatively, Chai Walli supplies a more well-rounded, mellow, grassy and lemony, organic green tea. So, what are the benefits of drinking it?

1. Helps stimulate weight loss
Did you know that green tea has some serious fat burning characteristics? Some studies have even found that the consumption of green tea is associated with significant levels of weight loss. Special compounds in the tasty green brew work to stimulate fat oxidation and energy release. This is an effect that’s been found to be even stronger when combined with exercise. Try having a green tea before you begin your day to kickstart your energy and to compliment your active lifestyle.

2. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
Several studies have found that green tea can combat some of the biggest risk factors for your heart, including dangerous cardiovascular disease. This is made possible through the tea’s ability to reduce levels of cholesterol found in your body. A study has even found that those that consume at least five cups of green tea per day experience a significantly reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

3. Boosts brain function

So many people opt for coffee to get through their work, but maybe they should be opting for green tea instead! Research has shown that green tea can boost our brain’s cognitive functions, particularly our working memory. Try having a few cups throughout your day and see just how much it impacts upon your productivity! What’s even better is that you can have as much as you like, unlike coffee, which can have adverse effects after too many cups.

4. Anti-cancer properties
Green tea contains powerful antioxidants, which are a critical compound which is used to counteract the deterioration of stored food products. Research suggests that antioxidants (and therefore green tea) can help slow or kill cancerous cells. Various studies have also found that green tea drinkers have a far lower risk of developing breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer.

5. Reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Diabetes is a major growing issue within our population, working to make the body more resistant to the normal effects of insulin, or reduces the body’s capacity to produce enough insulin. A review of research covering 286,701 people showed that those who drank green tea reduced their risk of diabetes by almost 20%

So what are you waiting for? Come on in to Barista Au Lait and give our delicious green tea a try! Not only will you enjoy all of its incredible health benefits, but we know just how much you will love how it tastes!

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