Coffee Talk : The Art of Subtle Blending

Isn’t it incredible when you taste the perfect coffee? With a balanced mouthfeel, aroma, aftertaste, crema, acidity and smoothness. There is nothing quite like it. The chances are that your superb brew was a blend, a mixture of two or more coffees. Blends are created for a number of reasons but generally work to create a more complex or palatable drink than single origin coffee. Coffee blending is an essential facet of any roaster’s job and in many ways is an art.

Coffee roasters are like chefs, mixing in many ingredients to make a signature dish. Individually, each ingredient holds specific qualities which when combined, create a brand new experience for the taster. Roasters can create blends for complementarity, and at other times to create contrasts, They may match a couple of beans that go nicely together, such as Ethiopian and Brazilian or others which contrast with each other such as Sumatran and Kenyan. Roasters then tailor combinations based on those similarities and differences to form the perfect blend.

A blend should achieve complimentary outcomes from the individual beans through harmony and working together. Often, the perfect blend has a combination of coffees which achieve a sweet base note, mid-palate satisfaction and high or floral notes. Although there are many examples of beautiful blends, available in cafes all around Australia, Barista Au Lait’s house blend, ‘Julius’, really stands out. Julius is the result of extensive market testing and research into developing tastes in Australia’s sophisticated boutique coffee scene. Coffees from the high plateaus of South America and volcanic soils of Central America combine with specialty beans from the Horn of Africa and the East Indies to create a blend rich in beautiful aromas and flavours.

Julius is a single phase medium roast which balances strength with subtlety. Medium roasting allows roasters to produce strong roasted aroma and sweet flavour. Medium roasted beans contain lower caffeine and are richer in a composition of aroma, acidity, and character. The small batch roasting of the Julius blend enables close monitoring of the exotic boutique coffees in its unique blend, enhancing its personality and elegant aromas. Spicy and chocolatey highlights harmonise to perfection with robust qualities of other inputs to the blend.

Through Belorama’s subtle art of blending, Julius forms an intricate blend designed to satisfy the most discerning espresso drinker, while retaining a cut of underlying strength through the many milk-based coffees now served. The result of using coffees from Kenya, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Brazil and Ethiopia deliver complexity and balance found where the skill of the blender meets the most exacting roasting standards.

Be sure to taste Julius to see how the subtle art of blending has been mastered, here in Australia!

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