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At Barista Au Lait, coffee is intrinsic to who we are. That is why we have selected only the best quality beans to create the beverages you love. Founded in 1968, ☕Belaroma has been a part of the Australian coffee landscape for over 50 years proving its reputation as among the elite.

☕Balarama’s blends are a careful selection of coffee beans from around the world, blended and roasted to reveal the incredible spectrum of flavors and aromas coffee has to offer. Belaroma’s small batch roasting enables the creation of boutique coffees, in particular, our unique blend which we named “Julius.”

Julius is a medium-roasted blend that combines a robust base with spicy highlights. Rich flavors of dark chocolate are balanced with notes of sweet spice — an excellent choice for milk-based coffees. With origins of Kenya, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Brazil and Ethiopia, Julius is named after Julian, who has been a part of Belaroma’s journey for over 35 years, and who helped create this blend.

To achieve the fine aromas of this superb boutique coffee, our talented baristas precisely measure 21.5 grams of freshly ground coffee and pour the perfectly brewed beverage with the highest quality coffee technologies.

Enjoy this sophisticated and balanced blend the way you like, or for a coffee, unlike anything you have ever experienced, try personalizing your coffee with a printed photograph!

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