Organic Tea: Why you should make the switch

At Barista Au Lait we are proud to be serving our community with only the best quality food, coffee and tea. For us, the quality of our ingredients is essential. This includes stocking beautifully delicious organic drinks from none other than the wonderful Chai Walli. Read on to find out why you should be opting for organic teas over ones which are conventionally grown.

Organic Tea is better for you

One of the main reasons people opt for organic tea over conventionally grown tea is that organic tea is far better for you and your health. While it is true that tea companies attempt to remove nasty pesticides and fertilizers during tea processing, many of these chemicals are water soluble. This means that they are in the leaf structure and they are only removed from the tea leaves during steeping, leading you to consume them. Studies found that regularly drinking pesticide-contaminated tea does more harm than good and can decrease your lifespan.

Organic tea is better for the farmers

It is clear that pesticides and fertilisers are damaging to your health when you consume them. However, a lot of people oversee the fact that it is also damaging to the health of the farmers who have to spray fields of tea with these same chemicals, or mix them, or to apply them by hand. It has become evident that tea farmers and field workers in India spray their crops without using masks, gloves or other protective gear. In fact, spraying chemicals onto crops without proper protection and caution is so common that people can be sprayed with chemicals by simply driving down a road next tea field.

Organic tea supports small farmers and small farms

The majority of organic farms, such as our beloved Chai Walli are on smaller plots of land run by smaller businesses. This has to do with the nature of organic farming. While conventional farming involves all kinds of chemicals used to keep nature from ‘interfering’ with the crops, well-managed organic farms do the opposite. They work in harmony with nature to manage various pests and other ‘problems’.

Chai Walli is proud of the ethical treatment of their workers. And more of the money you spend tends to go more directly to the farmers themselves, creating more abundance in countries where farmers tend to be more impoverished people.

Organic tea is better for the tea plants

Would you instead drink tea made from a plant that was grown in a toxic, stressful situation or a tea that was raised in harmony with nature? Which one would feel better to you? Which one would nourish your body and spirit more? Which one would put you in harmony with nature more? It is also worth noting that there are no chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilisers explicitly made for tea. The chemicals that are applied to tea plants are generic and were not prepared to respond to the unique needs of the tea plant and its ideal environment. Therefore, the plants grow happier and healthier and boast even more health benefits than you might expect!

Organic Tea doesn’t cause as much environmental damage

Conventionally grown tea is one of the most environmentally devastating crops within the Asian region. Because it is often grown at higher elevations, the chemicals applied to conventional tea farms not only damage the local ecosystem but go down mountains and hills to wreak havoc on other farms, forests, rivers and even oceans located miles and miles away. Research proves the multitude of devastating impacts that overproduction of any crop can have on our beautiful environment. Therefore, organic tea is the easiest way to enjoy the beverages you love without the guilt of environmental damage.

If these aren’t good enough reasons to switch to organic tea, then maybe the taste is! Come into Barista Au Lait and give our beautiful tea a try. We can guarantee that you will never want to go back to conventional teas again!

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