Barista Au Lait is excited to announce a whole month of tea tasting with a very own Chai Walli! Come in every Thursday between 10AM and 12PM to try a brand-new tea each week, plus a delicious dessert from Nectar Desserts on us! Read on to find out more!

What is Chai Walli?

Chai Walli is an Australian chai’ business specialising in high grade Ayurvedic Indian teas. Hand crafted by Founder, UppmaVirdi, their products are completely natural, Ayurvedic, sugar free, preservative free, vegan and have caffeine free options. Starting from humble beginnings, blending teas in Uppma’s family home kitchen, Chai Walli teas are now a house hold favourite and available every day of the week at Barista Au Lait!

Chai Wallibalances herbs & spices with the knowledge passed to her from her Grandfather, Dr Pritam Virdi – an Ayurvedic doctor. From him she learnt a deep understanding of Indian spices and their Ayurvedic properties. Chai Walli’s conception pays tribute to Dr Pritam’s legacy.

Chai Walli teas are directly sourced from a small batch organic and fair-trade tea farms in the Assam Valley of India. They are driven to ensure all our suppliers are transparent to align with our ethical values. We take great pride in sharing with you the highest grade of single origin Indian teas.


CHAI WALLI’S 11 BLACK SPICED CHAI- This signature Ayurvedic 11 spice blend is paired with a deep-bodied organic black tea from the valleys of Assam. This chai is complex and smooth. Chai Wallichai is the most authentic chai on the market. It is made using only whole spices that are hand blended using traditional Indian practices; this means no liquids, no powders, no preservatives – just natural chai goodness.


RELAX AND UNWIND- Minty tulsi, holy basiland earthy ashwagandha combined with select herbs and spices create a tea that will relax the mind and calm the body.


CHAI WALLI’S ENGLISH BREAKFAST OR EARLY GREY- An organic full leaf black tea sourced directly from Assam. Finely twisted leaves with golden tips deliver a tea that is smooth and full bodied, perfect with or without milk.


JASMINE GREEN TEA- Sourced from an organic tea estate in the mountainous Nilgiris region of Southern India, this uplifting, floral tea is a blend of green tea leaves and jasmine flowers.

So, what are you waiting for? Come into Barista Au Lait and find your new favourite tea! If you fall in love (like we know you will) there will be plenty of tea available for retail purchase! Otherwise, come and sit in our beautiful café and enjoy a cuppa, paired with a delicious dessert!

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