Sometimes there is just nothing like curling up to a cup of tea. How about that instant relaxation? And on top of tea’s incredible variety in tastes and flavours, its physical and emotional benefits go far beyond that. Often, your favourite brew is made from a blend of different leaves, sourced from various regions across a specific country or even the world. Tea makers work tirelessly to create the perfect balance of flavours for your hot cuppa. Alternatively, your favourite tea might be a single origin tea.


What is single origin tea?
A single origin tea, is a tea that is sourced from a single region of origin, usually a specific sub-region of a country, or for smaller countries, sometimes the country itself. Single origin tea contrasts greatly to blends, which combine tea produced in different regions.

Why drink single origin tea?
Similarly, to coffee, the region in which a specific tea leaf is grown can influence its flavour in the most profound ways. Geographical factors such as climate and soil can impact how the final tea tastes, even if production processes are the same. Single origin tea allows us to experience the incredible diversity of flavours and aromas of tea on offer from different places around the world.

Another critical advantage to single origin tea is that knowing where your tea is produced enables you to understand more about how the tea is produced. This can be important in terms of making purchasing decisions that promote your ethical and moral standpoint.

Chai Walli is just one incredible tea brand which produces ethically sourced single origin tea. Their teas are directly sourced from a small batch of organic tea farms in India. They are driven to ensure all suppliers are transparent to align with the Chai Walli’s ethical values. As such, Barista Au Lait takes great pride in sharing with you the highest grade of Chai Walli’s single origin Indian teas.

Single origin tea from Assam, India
Assam is a state in north-eastern India known for its wildlife, archaeological sites and tea plantations oh and the beautiful Himalaya mountains of course! This part of India experiences high precipitation; during the monsoon period, as much as 250–300 millimetres of rain per day. The daytime temperature rises to about 36 °C creating greenhouse-like conditions of extreme humidity and heat. This tropical climate contributes to Assam tea’s unique quality and taste. At the foothills of the Himalayas, in regions like Assam, the most beautiful teas can be found.

Chai Walli’s English Breakfast is a rare and organic full leaf Assam tea that is composed of unblended finely twisted leaves with golden tips making it smooth, malty and full-bodied. This English Breakfast is the highest quality single origin black tea grown in Assam. According to Chai Walli’s leaf to cup policy, this incredible tea is sourced directly from a family in Assam who has been growing organic tea for over 50 years. It’s a rare and delicious black tea that hits the spot!

Single origin tea from Nilgiri, India
Nilgiri teas are grown in the Blue Mountains, which are part of the Western Ghats mountain range which stretches across South India. They are some of the highest grown teas in the world.

Chai Walli’s Green Tea is composed of unblended finely twisted green tea leaves, a rare high-grade green tea which is unique, aromatic and medium-bodied. This tea is only available from Chai Walli and has a smooth, mellow taste with a subtle, natural sweetness.
According to Chai Walli’s leaf to cup policy, it is sourced directly from an organic tea farm in Nilgiris and is unlike any green tea available in Australia.

With this, all said, you must be dying for a cuppa! Be sure to come to Barista Au Lait to indulge in the beauty of Chai Walli’s incredible single origin teas. Chai Walli is an incredibly special and quality brand, its name translating to ‘female tea maker’ after the brand’s incredible founder, Uppma Virdi. People all around the world have fallen in love with Chai Walli, as is shown by its countless awards, including The Forbes 30 under 30 List, Businesswoman of the year awards, food and beverage awards and mentions from major publications such as the Huffington Post and SBS. We know you’ll love it too!

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